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Pricing & Billing FAQ

Payment should be made at least 30 mins prior to finishing the job. This will allow us to allocate the nearest next job to our removalist promptly.

We will assign you a dedicated office manager starting from the time of booking till your job gets finished. The office manager will help you to process your payment as well. We accept VISA, MASTER & Amex and all the major banks debit cards. You can also pay us in cash and bank transfers.

Our office/ booking manager will disclose all the costs associated with your job at the time of the booking. Once the booking is confirmed by the customer, an email will be sent confirming all the charges associated with the job.

As long as the job is canceled by the customer 48 hours prior to the move then we will forfeit their deposit. Cancellation on the job day will cost the customer their deposit.

Once we receive the request form or email from the customer we reply with our quote in a few minutes. However, after discussing the job our manager will send a final confirmation email with details of the cost of the job.
With the level of quality of our service, our prices are the best in the industry. And that’s why you don't hear about the last moment cancellation from our company. Campsie Removals is a proper removalist company with over 50 staff members in business since 2007. So, don’t fall in for very cheap prices and end up paying more than you expected.
Campsie Removals give free packaging to their customers. We allow our removalist staff to first wrap the items with a heavy-duty blanket and then give a nice layering of shrink or bubble wrap on top of it. The items will be stacked inside the vehicle by an experienced staff avoiding collision of your items in transit.
Moving is not just the loading and unloading of items from one location to another. There are many factors that decide the overall costing of your bill such as access, stairs or lift, extra items, time of the job, whether removal is a physical job, detailed info about the move, etc. But the minimum hours you can expect for even a studio apartment would be a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.
Our service charges are totally time-based. Time starts from the arrival of our removalist at your doorstep until the time we leave the drop-off location. We also don't give the estimation of the job over the phone.
This is a half-hour (30 minutes) fee added to the total time to cover the team's driving to and from your locations at the stated rate. This cost covers the Sydney metropolitan area, which has a fairly reasonable half-hour journey time.
We do not, for our to and from your location. However, during the drop off if a customer wants to use the toll to reach the drop-off location early then we do. As a professional suggestion, it is always safer to use toll because it reduces the overall time of the job too.

Our charges remain the same from Monday to Thursday. From Friday to Sunday prices are slightly higher. On public holidays we charge 30% extra than our normal half-hourly or hourly rate.

Our booking manager can always help you with the charges of extra labor. It is always convenient to hire extra muscle power because it will reduce your overall billing since it reduces the time of the job taken.

No, we strictly charge on a time basis.


The cost of garbage collection is determined by a number of factors, including the type of garbage and the amount of garbage that needs to be collected. The cost of waste disposal in Sydney with Campsie Removals is divided into four categories. This includes the following:

The sort of garbage: Depending on whether you need paper or plastic removed, or if you have heavy furniture or electrical equipment, the cost will vary. Hazardous chemical removal also affects the price because the process of removing and disposing of this type of waste is more complicated than that of regular garbage.

The amount of garbage produced: The pricing is also determined by the amount of trash you have. Our prices are calculated on a per cubic meter basis. You should expect to pay extra if you require more vehicles to remove the trash.

Your current location is: While we service the entire Sydney region and beyond, we will need to charge extra if your building or site is difficult to reach.

Labor expenses: We may need to bring a team of employees if you have a lot of garbage. The bigger the number of persons necessary, the higher the charge. The amount of time it takes to remove your trash has an impact on the price.

Same day rubbish removal service is one of the services of our rubbish removal company. Anywhere in Sydney metro region. It depends on the availability the time you get in touch with us. We have jobs scheduled in 3 parts- morning, mid-day, and afternoon. The chances and possibilities of the same day job are when you get in touch with us during morning time. We offer same-day trash collection, as well as rubbish and debris removal if you're in a rush to get rid of old furniture or need a rapid job site clean-up.

We'll send a truck, give you a quotation, and, if possible, remove your trash right away. Our same-day junk removal crews are trained to operate swiftly and efficiently, clearing clutter from your home, workplace, or construction site. Essentially, our purpose is to provide a quick trash removal service for consumers who don't have the time to load up trailers or ute trays and transport their own waste to the landfill. Get in contact with us today for a same-day pick-up price or to book a visit to your home.

Cheapest Load of Rubbish employs two workers per truck to load your trash onto our trucks and haul it away, whether it is within your home or already piled up outdoors. We can send two trucks instead of one if you have more trash than one truck can handle. When it comes to waste removal Sydney, Campsie Removals knows no bounds.

Furniture, construction waste, e-waste, heavy scrap metal, washing machines, tables, chairs, refrigerators, pool tables, pianos, and other goods are among the garbage or undesired items we collect. To put it another way, we remove basically everything you don't want from your home.


As you might imagine, each and every move is unique. The length of time it takes to complete a move is determined by a number of factors, including access, the use of stairs or a lift, the distance between the two houses, and the number of sites we are picking up.
We make sure that our booking manager will assign the right truck for the job. A piece of detailed information about the items of the move will always be helpful. We can usually complete most moves in one trip; however, if the move is more than 30 minutes away from the pickup address and we can't fit everything in one load, we will make two journeys or send a second truck.
Yes. If you want to save money, we recommend removing mattresses and consolidating lighter goods into one location ahead of time, but we recommend leaving the heavier items to our pros.

Due to health and safety regulations, no. If you are concerned about your floor covering becoming dirty, please bring it up at the start of the removal, before we start moving. As long as it is safe, walkers can give padded covering in the residence's principal paths. You can also let our booking manager know about it so that we can bring extra blankets in order to cover the floor.

Yes, provided you're moving locally and have properly sealed or taped all of your boxes, containers, and jars. Food is not stored unless it is canned or vacuum-sealed while transported intrastate, interstate, internationally, or into a store.
We'll be pleased to go over your relocation in-depth with you and give recommendations on the size of truck and personnel you'll need to get the job done as fast, cost-effectively, and efficiently as possible.
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